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Focused on developing intelligent tools, applying mathematics and technology to data

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Business is changing fast.

We make technology and data easy, affordable and useful to companies.

Who we are

We believe that information is the key to success: Better information leads to better decisions, cost savings and sales improvement.

We help companies remain relevant and efficient in today’s business world by working with technology and information.

What we do

We develop intelligent tools, applying mathematics and technology to data

How we do it

We work closely with our clients, understand the problem, evaluate solutions and propose cost effective solutions. We are technology lovers, always looking for new trends and tools that work together with our businesses.

Our Services

Why Business Intelligence matters

Data is becoming increasingly important for growing companies. At White Peak, we analyize all sorts of the business, organize and visualize data to have better insights and speed when taking decisions.

Personalized Communication

Using “Data Triggers” to send customized messages (SMS / E-mails) smarter and more personalized. By listening to the data, we can determine who are the new clients, or lost clients, or clients who are delayed in payment, or those who don’t purchase certain products and then send relevant messages to their particular situation

Building Data Applications to power your business

Building powerful online applications for your business:

  • Investor Portal: Manage all investor documents and reports, enable them to see their balances and reports online.
  • Customer Portal: Enable your customers to create new purchase orders online or check status of their orders
  • Production Management: Track the status of your production line (order received, in production, delivered) so the company has one unified center of information, online.
  • Forms: Create forms for loan/credit application, ask for more information or documents, without email and folders.
  • Inventory: Manage incoming and outgoing product inventory.

Work Process


We work closely with our clients, submerse in their operations to truly understand their needs


We prepare a proposal, based on your needs and on your budget. Our advantage is that we work with existing technologies, experts in what they do, and adapt it to your needs.


After the requirements and scope is ready, we begin our work, always showing our clients the progress, so that the end result is no surprise


Quality assurance, testing, and meeting with our clients for final touchups, training and delivery of our work

News & Tips

A collection of some of our favorite articles and tips from our data science and visualization team

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